The YouTube Parents Internet Widget —
Quick Facts

  • YouTube Parents came out of a problem that we had — our children wanted to watch YouTube, but we found it hard to make sure they only watched videos that were age appropriate...
  • So we built a small widget that sits on your home network and monitors the your child's YouTube activity. We guestimate the age rating of any video they click on, blocking anything that's over a limit you set.
  • Because we're parents, we wouldn't deal with a company that sold, rented, lost, or was careless or thoughtless with our children's browsing data, so we keep everything very private and very secure.
  • This is our first product — we're dedicated to building high-quality, inexpensive internet safety devices for children and families.
  • The service will be ready for beta testing in July 2020 — Sign-Up For the Beta Test Now.

The Problem

It seems like every week YouTube is in the news with another controversy, but the bigger issue with YouTube is that the amateur nature of a lot of these channels means that they often stray into territory that is not appropriate for their audience's age age. By blocking and reporting in the way that we do, YouTube Parents puts you back in control of what your child is watching.

Extreme Content is Just Part of the Problem

Easy to Set-up

Your YouTube Parents widget can be set-up in under 30 seconds. Take it out of the box, plug the supplied network cable into your home internet router, then plug in the power. Instructions in the box explain how to go through the activation process. Once that's done, it's simply a matter of setting your child's device (or devices) to the YouTube Parents widget. We've worked really hard on making sure that the set-up is as simple as it can possibly be.

3 Simple Steps To Get Up And Running

Human Editors, Crowdsourced Ratings, and "Computer Magic"

YouTube Parents works through a combination of human editors, crowdsourced ratings, and "computer magic" (i.e. machine learning). If we've never seen a video before, we can analyse its content and guestimate an age rating of universal, PG, 12, 15, or 18. Added onto this is our editorial team, who review channels and videos that are active within the families who run YouTube Parents to further refine the recommendations. As a final step, you can vote, block, or allow videos, applying your own age-ratings — our editors then take your votes into account to. This "crowdsourcing" of ratings means that YouTube Parents gets better at guestimating age-ratings of videos the more families join in.

Age-ratings Makes All This Possible

Set Age Limits

A simple tool on your YouTube Parents account lets you tell us how many children you have, and what age-rating applies to them. We've based YouTube Parents on the BBFC guidelines — universal, PG, 12, 15, and 18 — because most parents understand them. Once you've locked in your child's age rating, as they click on videos on YouTube we'll see if our guestimate for the video is at, above, or below the age rating you've said for the child. Anything over that age rating is blocked.

Videos Above the Age-Rating You Set Are Automatically Blocked

Reporting and Alerts

Like all good monitoring systems, you can easily view reports on YouTube Parents giving details of what videos your child has watched, which ones have been blocked, and see exactly how long they have been watching videos for, and how long they have been online. We'll also email you alerts when YouTube Parents detects something that it thinks you need to know about straightaway.

View Reports On YouTube Activity, Blocks, Time, etc

Totally Secure, Totally Private

We've worked incredibly hard on making sure that YouTube Parents is totally secure, and totally private. The approach that we've used is that each individual YouTube Parents widget has its own secure private key — it's this key that let's us monitor what your child is watching on YouTube. This key never leaves the YouTube Parents widget, only you and your family have access to it. In addition, we only record activity related to YouTube and what gets blocked by our adult content and safe browsing content, and we only keep it for as long as you say. You can find much more technical information on we do all this on our website. And, as we said above, we never rent, sell, give away, or otherwise share your child's browsing data with anyone.

Pricing and Subscriptions

The YouTube Parents widget costs £60 including VAT and shipping, and is available for £55 through our IndieGogo campaign. For that you get the YouTube Parents widget, one-year warranty, a network cable and a power supply. You also get unlimited email and web-based support for life. After the first 60 days, there's a £10 a year subscription — that works out to just 83p per month. Oh, and there's a 30 day no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

FREE Adult Content and Safe Browsing Filter

We maintain a list of unsafe websites — ones with adult content, or ones that are unsafe for anyone to browse — and we'll automatically block your child's access to these too. You get this service free-of-charge, for life, with any purchase of a YouTube Parents widget.

Unsafe Websites Are Automatically Blocked

Why Indiegogo?

We're production-ready, so we're not crowdfunding to get money to hopefully go on and build these things. We already can make them, and ship them, and we have scores of happy beta testers. We're crowdfunding because we love the maker community — we're geeks as well as parents. We believe that crowdfunding is the best way to help our customers shape the product that we're building. Please get in touch, either through the Indiegogo website, or by contacting us at

Run it yourself!

We'd love to have you buy our ready-made widget from our Indiegogo campaign, but you can run the software yourself if you have a Raspberry Pi at home. We sell a ready-to-go MicroSD card for £9.99, or a software-only download for £4.99 on our website at

Our Green Credentials

We're a company dedicated to children and families, and so the environment is important to us. We reduce waste as much as possible in our packaging, including reducing use of single-use plastics. We also work towards zero-waste to landfill, and work towards a net-zero carbon footprint. Our widgets are also based on Raspberry Pi boards, so if you ever want to discontinue using YouTube Parents, you can recycle the board into other projects.